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Conveying Components

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Puritan Magnetics offers a wide variety of conveying equipment components.


                          Skate Rail                                                        

   Magnetic Pulleys

Conveying Rail  

Conveying Rail and Pulley

  • Modify existing systems
  • Stabilize moving parts
  • Auomate systems
  • Rails and pulleys available in various strengths
  • Pulleys and rails are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters
  • En masse conveying components also available
  • Ceramic, rare earth, and electro magnetic options
  • Tabletop, mat top, cable, and other special rail designs are available

Rail Magnet/Magnetic Rail

Skate Rail

Download Skate Rail Dimensions


Download Pulley Dimensions

Conveying Rail
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Download Rail Dimensions

Conveying Rail and Pulley
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(Download  Rail and Pulley Dimensions above)
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