Blank Fanner Magnets

Blank Fanner Magnets


Blank Fanners are designed to magnetically separate oily and sticky hard to separate steel sheets. This eliminates having to pry apart each sheet individually which can result in damage to the part or operator injury. This also aids in automated systems and prevents costly damage due to double blanks. Blank Fanners should be atleast 2" taller than the blank stack height.



As the blank fanners are moved into position, the magnetic field projecting from the face is induced into the stacks of blanks. This causes a repelling action similar to trying to push together the same poles of two magnets (north to north or south to south). The first few blanks in the stack fan apart from one another. As each blank is removed, another blank then separates from the stack.

550 1 Fannerchart3


  • Stainless steel enclosed magnetic face
  • Two 1/8" thick x 1/2" wide wear strips on face
  • Ceramic permanent magnet material, will not demagnetize
  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • Tapped holes or handle and mounting base for mounting


  • Rare earth magnet material for compact designs
  • Electromagnetic fanners for on/off capability
  • Pneumatic actuated fanners for on/off or adjustable strength capability
  • Non-standard sizes
  • Automate existing systems
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Available in various strengths