Liquid Trap Magnets

Sanitary & Industrial Liquid Trap Magnets

Sanitary Liquid Trap Magnet
Sanitary Liquid Trap Magnet

Liquid Trap Magnets are engineered to remove ferrous contaminants from liquid and slurry lines. Efficiently remove tramp iron before maintenance and product contamination problems occur. The benefits of this magnetic separator can be experienced in most cases with no appreciable pressure drop or reduction in flow rates. All units incorporate a sump type housing to trap non-ferrous particles. Liquid Traps may be installed horizontally, vertically, or on an angle without affecting their magnetic efficiency.

Sanitary Liquid Trap Components
Sanitary Liquid Trap Components

We also offer a Double Plate Trap Magnet (Model No. NDLP)


  • Highest grade of magnet material with choices including Neodymium-Iron-Boron(rare-earth), Samarium-Cobalt (rare-earth), Ceramic, and Alnico
  • 100% Stainless Steel construction
  • Liquid tight with food grade O-rings
  • Easy access for inspection and maintenance
  • Tri-clamp, Bevel-seat (Acme thread), or weld end inlet and outlets
  • Sanitary construction


  • Special alloy construction
  • Special inlet/outlet line connectors
  • Operating pressures up to 750 PSI

Model No. NDLP (Double Plate Liquid Trap Magnet)

Liquid Plate Trap Magnet
Liquid Plate Trap Magnet

These USDA approved (US Department of Agriculture Approved) units are for high volume applications requiring gentle flow characteristics (cottage cheese, fruit preserves, etc). The exploded view shows the product flow is split by the internal baffle and diverted onto two flat plate magnets. Different sized baffles can be provided to match your product's need.

Available in 1" - 4" line sizes with most sanitary connections or in pipe sizes, pipe flanges, camlocks or pipe threads. The body can have different sized connectors if it is desirable to use the Liquid Plate Magnet as a line reducer/expander. Water jackets are optional. Even different sized baffles are not a problem.

*Now available in 6” line sizes with pressures to 75 PSI

Exploded View
Exploded View

Specific Model and Sizing

Refer to Tables A, B, and C. Use Table “A” to select your application’s product viscosity. Use Table B to match your application’s product viscosity with pumping capacity to select model or line size. When operating at or close to a Liquid Trap’s upper flow capacity we recommend moving up to the next size.

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(Please refer to our Standard Sanitary Liquid Trap Magnets for additional information)

Industrial Liquid Trap
Industrial Liquid Trap

Industrial Liquid Trap magnets are used in more of an industrial setting where extreme sanitation is not a requirement. Efficiently remove tramp iron before maintenance and product contamination problems occur.

Operation: As liquids or slurries are pumped through the Liquid Trap, ferrous contaminants adhere to the strategically placed magnetic tubes. The design and construction allow the tramp iron to work around the downstream side of the tubes where it is safely out of product flow and washoff is prevented. Cleaning is achieved by removing the top plate and removing the magnetic assembly from the housing. The housing is designed not only to house the magnet, but also to act as a sump. Unwanted non-magnetic particles tend to gravitate to the bottom of the enclosure.

Liquid Trap Installed
Liquid Trap Installed

You may also refer to our Sanitary Liquid Trap Magnets for more information.

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