POW-R Clean Drawer Magnets Improve Product Purity

A plastics producer lost many dollars and production time due to weak and leaking magnetic separation equipment in their plant. This equipment was meant to remove ferrous tramp metal from their product (plastic resins and pellets) while loading rail cars and trucks at 180,000 lbs./hr. Manual clean magnets required an operator to clean all 23 magnets every day by hand.

They frequently encountered leaking resins due to poor access door design. These weak magnets resulted in several rejects per month due to metal filings that were contaminating their product.

Puritan Magnetics, Inc. was able to supply rare earth POW-R CLEAN Drawer Magnets to replace all 23 of these units. The pneumatically operated POW-R CLEAN system removes the magnetic tubes from the housing where they are drawn through a scraper assembly which physically scrapes the ferrous contaminants off the tubes and is discharged through a flanged opening in the safety cage. The cleaning process takes place outside of the product flow through area, eliminating the possibility of ferrous contaminants returning to the processing system. These units clean in a matter of 6 seconds, reducing tedious and unnecessary man hours.

With the new units in place, this company has found Puritan Magnetics’ POW-R CLEAN magnets to be the solution to their magnetic needs as they report a much simpler, smoother, and successful operation.