Vertical Spout Magnets

EZ CLEAN Vertical Spout Magnets


Engineered to remove fine to large ferrous contaminants from high volume, gravity fed product streams. Puritan’s Vertical Spout Magnets are ideally suited for products that would bridge or choke in a magnetic tube type separator. Ferrous contaminants are easily removed from products that are moist, lumpy, granular,or in powder form.

Vertical Spout Magnets consist of a housing and two opposing Plate Magnets. A center diverter on the housing inlet helps direct product towards the magnets. Ferrous contaminants are pulled from the flowing product and are captured by the powerful magnets. A Single Trap face design eliminates the possibility of the captured tramp metal being washed off back into the product stream.

Cleaning is achieved by releasing the latch assembly and pulling the drawer open. As the drawer is opened the magnets remain in a stationary position. Ferrous contaminants are transferred outside the product flow area where they are safely discarded. A specially designed angled drawer end ensures all contaminants are released outside of the product flow area. As product enters the stainless steel housing, it is diverted towards two very large and powerful magnets that oppose each other. A Single Trap face design eliminates the possibility of contamination washoff.

Cleaning this magnetic separator is achieved by releasing the drawer latches and removing the internal drawer assembly. The opposing magnets are stationary and as the drawer is removed, tramp metal is transferred out of the housing and discarded into a collection tray (not shown).

215 1 NVSR21010EZ(1)

POW-R CLEAN Vertical Spout Magnet


The principal of operation is similar to the EZ CLEAN unit pictured above. The POW-R CLEAN unit incorporates a pneumatic package that automatically discards the tramp metal at the touch of a button or through an automatic timer. Unit shown has a single center driven pneumatic cylinder due to space constrictions. Standard design includes two pneumatic cylinders mounted to the sides of the magnets.

POW-R CLEAN Vertical Spout Magnet - Retractable

This style features an alternative method of cleaning compared to the styles pictured above. Upon actuation of the pneumatic package, the magnets retract from the housing taking the tramp metal out of the product flow area. A stripper plate stops as the magnets continue to retract, separating the magnets from the stripper plate. Tramp metal is safely discarded into collection trays. This style is also available in EZ CLEAN (not shown).



  • Highest grade of magnet material including Neodymium-Iron-Boron (rare earth), Samarium-Cobalt (rare earth), Ceramic and Alnico
  • 100% 304 stainless steel, all welded rugged construction
  • Dust tight construction, food grade gaskets
  • Two heavy duty magnet working surfaces
  • Pre-engineered for fast field installation
  • Heavy duty pre-drilled angle flanges


  • 316L stainless steel and other alloy construction
  • Several sanitary construction options to choose from
  • Custom inlet and outlet transitions
  • Pneumatically operated POW-R CLEAN™ package for remote operation
  • Custom sizes available
  • Special coatings and finishes upon request

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