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Drawer Magnets

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  Download Drawer Magnet Data Sheet Drawer Magnets/Drawer Style Magnetic Separators/Drawer Filter Magnets
Drawer Magnet 
Manual Clean Drawer Magnets provide excellent equipment and product protection of medium and fine ferrous contaminants in dry, free flowing products under gravity flow. Multiple staggered rows provide maximum contact area for product flow. As product flows through the stainless steel housing, it cascades over the staggered rows of magnetic tubes. Ferrous contaminants are pulled to the surface of the magnets where they move to the underside of the tube to prevent any washoff. Drawer Magnets should be cleaned periodically for the most efficient performance. To clean the magnetic tubes, release the latch assembly and open the door. Remove the grate assemblies one at a time. Remove the tramp metal by hand. Use extreme caution and wear gloves during the process. Rare earth magnets are extremely powerful and tramp metal is very difficult to remove by hand. EZ CLEAN™ or POW-R CLEAN™ options should be considered.
EZ CLEAN™ Drawer Magnets have a simplified cleaning mechanism requiring a minimal amount of effort. Simply release the latch assembly and pull the drawer open. As the magnetic tubes exit the housing they are drawn through a scraper assembly which physically scrapes the tramp metal off the tubes and into a collection tray. The entire cleaning process takes place outside of the product flow through area eliminating the possibility of tramp metal returning to the processing system.
POW-R CLEAN Drawer Magnet 
POW-R CLEAN™ Drawer Magnets operate through manual or automated control. The pneumatically operated POW-R CLEAN™ system removes the magnetic tubes from the housing. As the magnetic tubes exit the housing, they are drawn through a scraper assembly which physically scrapes the ferrous contaminants off the tubes where it is discharged through a flanged opening in the safety cover.
The entire cleaning process takes place outside of the product flow through area, eliminating the possibility of ferrous contaminants returning to the processing system.

  • Highest grade of magnet material including Neodymium-Iron-Boron (rare earth), Samarium-Cobalt (rare earth), Ceramic and Alnico
  • 100% 304 stainless steel, all welded rugged construction
  • Positive seal, dust tight construction, food grade gaskets
  • Easy access rear door for inspection and maintenance on E-Z CLEAN™ & POW-R CLEAN™
  • Two staggered tiers of 1" diameter magnetic tubes fabricated on 2" centers horizontally and vertically to maximize magnetic filtration
  • Pre-engineered for fast field installation
  • Heavy duty pre-drilled 3/16 x 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 stainless steel inlet/outlet flanges
  • Flanged ferrous contaminant discharge outlet
  • 316L stainless steel and other alloy construction
  • Single or multiple tier configurations
  • Non-Standard tube spacing
  • Several sanitary construction options to choose from
  • Custom inlet and outlet transitions
  • E-Z CLEAN™ package
  • Electric POW-R CLEAN™ drive package
  • Custom sizes available
  • Special coatings & finishes upon request
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Download Drawer Magnet Data Sheet
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Download Drawer Magnet Data Sheet

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